Estriol serum plus an amazing 200,000 IU of retinol, kills wrinkles! See and feel the results!

Estriol serum that is plant based and non toxic. Take the test; look at your cream, any cream and read the ingredients, then read ours. Which one would you rather put on your body?

Plant based estriol, 200,000 IU of retinol, vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils in this serum give your skin protection that nothing else can in a way that nothing else does. Simple, natural and effective describes the ingredients along with the important, non toxic heading. There are no synthetic preservatives in this or any of our products.

Plant based Estriol Serum ingredients and instructions for use:

Retinol 0.4%: MSM,(organic plant sulfur): Estriol 0.30%, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins D,E and C-ester, DMAE, Alpha-lipoic Acid, Co-Q10, Glycerol Monostearate, Nutra OPA, (Organic Plant Acids), Lavender.

The simple, natural, effective benefits of each ingredient

Retinol 0.4%;

Retinol helps the skin to support collagen production, giving the skin a fuller more robust look. Restores blemishes over time and reduces pore size giving tighter, smoother feel to the skin. These qualities assist in acne issues. All of Nutra's Retinol products are plant based.

MSM,(organic plant sulfur);

Provides a flexible bond between proteins. The Small natural, edible plant sulfur molecule easily passes the skin barrier to act as a carrier for all the other ingredients. The use of MSM in most of our products is to deliver the healing elements deep into the skin where the benefit is the greatest.

Estriol 0.30%;

Nutra's estriol, (E3),is a plant based hormone, not to be confused with estrogen (E2). Clinical studies have shown both E3 (estriol) and vitamin a (retinol) reduce the appearance of aging upon the skin. Visible results in 2 weeks.

Sunflower Oil;

Sunflower oil provides an extra nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Vitamins D,E and C-ester;

All are well known for their revitalizing qualities as well as anti oxidants. Anti wrinkle and anti aging creams are deficient without high potency D,C and E. Nutra uses high potency naturally produced vitamins for anti aging in the estriol cream and serum. Your cream if you are using it for anti wrinkle- anti aging should include these.


Dimethylaminoethanol, I know it's a big word but it's not bad, the substance DMAE is produced by the body and has many functions. It's use in Nutra's estriol serum mainly helps increase firmness of the skin.

Alpha-lipoic Acid, (ALA);

Alpha lipoic acid is a superstar anti aging element good at rejuvenation. This super rejuvenation nutrient recycles vitamins C&E as your body uses them and provides a noticeable anti aging effect.


Glycerol Monostearate;

Is used as an emulsifier, in other words GMS makes this product smooth and creamy. GMS is an organic molecule and plant based and Nutra uses a food grade of this additive. Bakeries use this to make your cakes moist but with body. It's also what is commonly used in ice cream to make it creamy. This is totally safe and natural and used in many cosmetic and hair care products.

Nutra OPA, (Organic Plant Acids);

Organic plant acids, (OPA), are used in estriol serum to act as a preservative. Creams must use a preservative to prevent them from going rancid, most creams use a harsh or synthetic chemical. Not so with organic plant acids, the gentle, natural acids within this compound created by Nutra make the estriol serum completely shelf stable for years. In addition, the same qualities of OPA act as an anti bacterial-anti fungal upon your skin giving it an added level of protection. Did you know that bacteria deeply embedded within your existing subtle creases and lines can help cause wrinkles? Nutra's OPA within the estriol serum helps neutralize and counteract this process. Learn more by visiting the OPA page.


Therapeutic grade lavender oil is known to be soothing and healing. The use of therapeutic grade lavender oil is significant because not all essential oils are therapeutic grade. Therapeutic grade essential oil is costly and must be made and grown under great controls. Our oil is of the highest quality

How to use this awesome serum

A small squirt from the pump on your finger will go a long way. Rub a small portion where you want wrinkles to disappear or skin to tighten up. This could be under the eyes or beneath your chin, any where is safe to put our estriol plus retinol serum.

Estriol plus retinol serum works best at night before bed as your body's natural repair mechanisms work well in concert with this serum while you sleep.

Follow the serum with Natra's estriol cream plus retinol to protect the deeper application of serum.

Always remember; serum first, then cream. Serum is thinner and twice as strong as the cream.

Do not use this product within 2 hours of going out in the sun as the sun will counteract the retinol and enhance sunburn.

Take the test; look at the ingredients on your existing anti wrinkle cream then look at Natra's Estriol plus Retinol and ask yourself..."what would I rather put on my skin?"

Plant based and natural, 200,000 IU of retinol, .4% of estriol is the best deal you could hope for when comparing to the competition so I urge you to try this won't regret it.

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