An Immune System Booster with Organic Plant Acids(OPA) and Fulvic Acid

As an immune system booster, OPA based products are designed to reduce symptoms of flu, cold and stomach upset due to overgrowth of bacteria and food poisoning. OPA kills fungus. If you desire information on our products call 866-905-3759. We have very low prices to support your bottom line.

Immune System Boost Pure OPA Daily Defense Drops

For Colds flu, fungus, infections, food poisoning and parasites.

Sinus Infection Treatment Natra's Nasal Spray

As an immune system booster, pure OPA spray is very powerful. This is a great value, clear up sinuses and administer an bolster the immune system. Works not only to clear up sinuses but prevent colds and flu.

Fulvic Acid

Minerals and trace elements the body needs that can't be found elsewhere.

This product is the highest quality and in its purest form contains rare plant trace elements only found in a few places on the planet. Pure, powerful fulvic acid in its natural form helps the body release heavy metals as well as other impurities.

Our Fulvic Acid is mined right here in America, this is significant because many sources come from abroad. Our local source enables us to have more quality control, more sustainability and we have found it to be of a much higher quality than other major sources.

Fulvic Acid an incredible immune system booster

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