Spa Skin Care Products that are Non Toxic and Free of Synthetic Preservatives.

Natra's spa skin care program for men and women

This spa skin care program is all encompassing and available for wholesale purchase or retail, in seperate parts or whole. If you are ready to purchase, fill out the info form below or contact us via phone or email below. We are always looking for reps and retailers, contact us for a great opportunity!

Skin Hydration -Mineral Hydra Mist

Protection all day long for skin hydration, has a refreshing feeling. Contains 70 essential plant trace elements, fulvic acid and aromatherapy. For men and women, comes in an airless pump.

Anti wrinkle serum - For men and women

An unbelievable 200,000IU of Retinol, essential oils, vitamins and minerals erases wrinkles and protects your skin. Completely natural and without preservatives. For men and women, comes in airless pump.

Anti wrinkle cream - Revitalize and protect

Reclaim your youthful appearance, protect and revitalize after life, sun, tanning and any damaging sources. Great for men and women. Airless pump.

Eye Serum

Puffy eyes do not discriminate, man or women, old or young, puffiness be gone! This powerful serum is designed to remove puffiness,dark circles and fine lines in the tender tissues beneath and around the eyes.

Facial Mud Mask - Canadian Clay

Strip the impurities away and feel great! Do this with 5 exotic clays, MSM and essential oils. Made for men and women. Use this and feel great! Comes in airless pump.

Facial Cleansing Foamer

Daily Exfoliant

Spa Toner

Daily Moisturizer

Read the ingredient profile on Natra's spa skin care product line. Ingredients that are pure and simple, plant based and non toxic.

Only the best natural oils;

Rosehip oil: (In serum only)Rainforest oil used as skin treatment
for thousands of years. Anti Wrinkle, Anti-Aging. Rebuilds skin
tissue for youthful appearance.
English Lavender:
Calms nerves, reduces stress, tension and
Sunflower Oil:
High in saturated fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D,
and E.
Hemp Seed Oil:
High in omega 3 and omega 6 (essential fatty

Edible Plant Sulphur (MSM):

Sulfur is an important element for all cells and body tissues. It creates a flexible bond between proteins, improving skin elasticity for younger looking skin.
Plant sulfur has a small molecular size for improved absorption of all ingredients.

Nutraceuticals, necessary for your skin and body to function:

Vitamin A: Stimulates cell renewal to strengthen and firm the skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.
Vitamin C Ester: Essential for collagen production, which renews the elasticity of the skin, protects from damage by free radicals and inflammation.
Vitamin E: Protects the skin from sunburn and ultraviolet rays. Helps to reduce scaring.

Gentle Cleansing Foamer -Coconut Oil based

-Coconut oil based gentle foaming cleanser with organic plant acids to kill unwanted bacteria

Organic plant acids with essential oils and coconut oil base gently removes unwanted bacteria and surface impurities without causing irritation or inflammation. This is an excellent acne cleanser! Leaves your skin shiny and moisturized.

- Serum to Revitalize and tighten skin with 200,000 IU of Retinol and unique, natural nutraceuticals.

Fast Absorption, Quick Repair

The inspiration for Spa Facial Serum and Cream formulas come from a leading Hollywood formulator. The concentrated Spa Facial Serum is proven to rejuvenate & repair the skin within days of use.

Learn more about Natra's anti wrinkle serum with 200,000IU of Retinol

-Protect and revitalize with anti wrinkle cream

-Moisturize, hydrate and nourish skin with hydra mist containing 70 trace plant minerals. You do it for your plants, why not your face?

Supple skin that's smooth and cool. Skin hydration with 70 essential microscopic minerals.

Our skin in today's environment is under assault. The skin's absorption system is very effective and should be used to your benefit. The introduction of minerals rejuvenates a tired epidermis thus invigorating you.

You're at work, outside or in and the afternoon sleepy jag hits. A pick me up is in order and you don't even need caffiene!

Spray throughout the day for hydration and an uplifting, refreshing feeling that is very cooling in the heat. Contains 70 essential plant trace elements, fulvic acid and aromatherapy. Locks in moisture, great for setting makeup.

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